6 Ways To Elevate Your Yogurt

  • By Matthew Kadey, R.D.
  • Published Mar 18, 2016
  • Updated Mar 24, 2016 at 3:57 PM UTC

In many ways, a bowl of yogurt is a near-perfect snack. Each spoonful can provide plenty of muscle-building protein, bone-strengthening calcium and probioticsfriendly critters shown to help athletes improve their digestive and immune health. Choose Greek-style or up-and-coming Icelandic Skyr and you’ll net an even bigger protein windfall. These creative, nutritious and tasty ways to upgrade your next bowl of yogurt are a worthy of a resounding “Opa!”

Sweet nothings: Flavored yogurts typically have two to three times as much sugar as plain versions. Instead of relying on nutritionally void sugar for flavor, use these combinations to make plain yogurt no longer a bore.


The green fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) is good for much more than guacamole. Add cubes of creamy avocado to a bowl of cultured dairy and you’ll benefit from a big-time nutritional boost, including plenty of heart-healthy fats, dietary fiber and range of vitamins and minerals including folate, bone-building vitamin K and potassium. The combination of healthy fats and fiber will make your yogurt bowl even more of a hunger-quelling snack.

Top gun: Adorn yogurt with avocado cubes, chopped mango and a drizzle of local honey.

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